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Published: October 31, 2017
Location: San Luis Rio Colorado - Mexico

Project Information 

Yazaki Industrial Plant - San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico.


140 tons of HVAC

- Lennox VRF system

- Lennox Landmark series packages


The Lennox Advantage

- Flexibility and power to adapt to long distances between outdoor and indoor units. 

- Energy efficiency 

- The Lennox Bundle (VRF + Package unit)


Distance: 150 meters between the condensers and the evaporators.


Why Lennox

The client had previously used Lennox in a project and was pleased with the results. In addition, the capacity of the equipment to adapt to large spaces and maintaining its energy efficiency and the ability to mix and match VRF and Package units was the key factor when selecting Lennox. 


Yazaki is a new industrial plant whose main activity is the production of electric harnesses for trucks, located in the state of Sonora, in the city of San Luis Ri­o Colorado, close to the border with Arizona. This building is located in a desert area and one of the hottest places in Mexico.



The project covers a space of 2,100 square meters, and its main challenge was to find an efficient solution to cover a distance of 150 meters between the outdoor units and the indoor units installed in the offices and common areas of the building.


The Lennox VRF technology was the top choice because of the multiple areas and the distance, in addition to having high energy efficiency equipment capable of operating in climates with very high temperatures. Ochoa Refrigeration, the contractor in charge of the installation, used a total of 90 tons of VRF and two Landmark packages of 25 tons, along with cassette and fan coil evaporators installed in different areas of the building.

For Ramón Ramos, engineer at T&P Refrigeracion, our Lennox distributor in Mexico, installing a VRF system is very important since it is a technology that has just begun to strengthen in the region and in this case, the complexity of the project required it. Regarding the choice of evaporators, the cassette type was installed in meeting rooms and offices for the aesthetic aspect of it, while the fan coils were placed in hidden spaces, like restrooms.


Customer satisfaction and positive experience are highlighted after having carried out two projects of this type. It also highlights the confidence and support of Lennox in the area. The client had previous support from both T & P Refrigeration and the contractor, generating confidence in Lennox. "One of the great advantages of the VRF system is precisely the long distance that is possible to reach with pipes between the evaporators and the outdoor units". Ramón Ramos, engineer at T & P Refrigeration.


In the middle of a desert in the state of Sonora, Mexico, the new Lennox VRF system was installed to condition the offices of the newly built Yazaki industrial plant, covering a distance that extends over 150 meters without sacrificing the aesthetic aspect to the interior of the conditioned space. The client's confidence in Lennox, as well as its positive experience with Lennox in a previous project, made this installation a success, positioning the Lennox VRF at a higher level in the region. It also highlights the support of the distributor and the contractor, who worked hand in hand to ensure support in the purchase process of the equipment and its specialized installation, assuring customer satisfaction. 

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