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Los Arcos Plaza 1

Published: June 30, 2018
Location: Samborondon - Ecuador
Los Arcos Plaza 1
Los Arcos Plaza 1

Project Information 

- Los Arcos Plaza 1 - Samborondon, Guayas, Ecuador. 

369 tons of HVAC

- Lennox 12k to 18k Btu wall consoles

- Fan coil Lennox 18k to 60k Btu

- Lennox central duct 48k to 240k Btu 

The Lennox Advantage 

- Top-quality warranty and first-class customer service


To implement a complete installation system of a 9 story building within 5 months. Any renovations or modifications to the existing building was not permitted.

Why Lennox

Quality, price and its first-class customer service in Ecuador were the key factors when choosing Lennox for this project.



Los Arcos Plaza is a two-stage project located in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador. First part of the installation in the building consists of 2 commercial stores (130 m2 and 2,600 m2); 44 offices on 6 different floors; 40 apartments; 8 meeting rooms; 3 auditoriums; gym; movie theater and other social areas. 


The project had previously started with a contractor who left it unfinished causing delays in the plan. Due to lack of time, it was necessary to establish a period of 5 months to execute the project and to quickly identify possible difficulties in a limited time period; for example, the building terrace was exposed and the contractor was immediately required to make several modifications. One of their main issues was the space available to install the cold air ducts was very small. However, the modifications were made quickly due to the simple design of the building which was favorable for this installation. 


The entire building was designed with direct expansion system. Dual-system equipment was installed in the stores; while in the apartments and offices the contractor used single system equipment, mostly fan coils. A total of 6 air handlers, 105 fan coils and 15 central ducts were installed.

The previous contractor left three units of 18k and 24k Btu which had been on-line for two months. The existing equipment was integrated with the new Lennox equipment and all compatible, facilitating a seamless integration of the entire system. As for the added value of this installation, the Lennox products have environmental certification, from the equipment to the pipes used in the system.



Although the project has spaces that vary significantly in size, there were no setbacks due to lack of system capacity, resulting in a successful installation that met the criteria requested by the client. 

Lennox was always among the first brands considered for the project. Multitecnos, in charge of the installation, also had a long relationship with Lennox's distributor in Ecuador, facilitating the request and delivery of all the equipment in a short period of time, providing the best quality service to the client.

"We had some options to consider besides Lennox, but the brand had an advantage in the negotiation. Lennox in Ecuador has a long history and has built a lot of confidence among its consumers. We were also able to negotiate the price on the equipment. - Daniel Eiser, General Manager Multitecnos."


The new HVAC system installed in Los Arcos Plaza was designed to create a comfortable environment for residents, visitors and staff who work in the building, regardless of whether the installation is in a small apartment, or as large as an auditorium or movie theater. 

The flexibility and adaptability of the system with equipment previously installed, were decisive for the contractor, resulting in the customer's satisfaction of fulfilling his requirements of fast delivery and commissioning of the system. 

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