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Published: August 31, 2020
Location: Medellín - Colombia

Project Information

Internexa's headquarters in Medellin, Colombia. Two stories comprising of 15,000 ft2 of recently renovated work space.


100 tons of HVAC 

- Lennox Landmark K-Series rooftop units 

- Lennox fan coil units 

- Lennox Mini-split LM (9 to 36 KBTU/h) 

- Lennox iComfort® thermostats


The Lennox Advantage

Installation of technologically advanced HVAC equipment in an existing building, ensuring greater comfort and high energy efficiency.


The Challenge

Replace a 25-year old HVAC system in a two story building, which had a recent architectural renovation. 


Why Lennox

Immediate availability of the specified equipment and compliance with budget requirements were determinant factors in the selection of Lennox.



Internexa S.A., a subsidiary of the ISA Group, is a leading provider of network connectivity services to telecommunication operators, corporations, and governments in several South American countries. Internexa's headquarters will occupy two fully renovated floors in a 25 year old office building in Medellin, Colombia, totaling 15,000 ft2.



A complete renovation of the entire space was carried out, which included the HVAC System. Internexa's main purpose was to increase the number of employees working in the area. In order to accomplish this, the installation required a state-of-the art energy-efficient HVAC system, capable of handling the additional airflow demand.


The original rooftop units manufactured by York in the 1990's were high in energy consumption; therefore, they had to be replaced with a fully integrated energy-efficient HVAC system. Solinoff, an architectural firm that specializes in planning intelligent spaces, together with the engineer Nelson Pulgarin, responsible for the technical blueprint of the HVAC system, were both in charge to find the right solution. The team chose a configuration that includes three rooftop Landmark K-Series units of 25 tons, two 13ACX fan coil units, and nine mini-split LM-Series with capacities of 9, 12, 18, 24, 26 KBTUs per hour. The installation firm RCAires was in charge of the installation. The project also include the redistribution of the office workspace and the automation of a number of control functions. Five iComfort M30 Wi-Fi thermostats enable users to balance comfort and energy efficiency.


The installation continues to advance according to plan. While the iComfort thermostats are usually employed in residential installations, the team decided to use them for the Internexa's office project due to its energy savings and the optimization capabilities it offers.

Lennox was the best option for the customer due to our reputation and brand awareness . In addition, the ability to meet their budget and equipment delivery requirements was decisive.

"With the iComfort thermostats, Lennox systems can be remotely controlled, enabling users to enjoy the comfort they desire. Andres Velasquez, Distribuidora Klima SAS."



The HVAC equipment of a 25 year old commercial property, under architectural renovation is being replaced with a state-of-the-art 75 ton integrated system, equipped with Wi-Fi iComfort remote control capabilities. When the renovation is completed, the two story building will be used to house the headquarters of Internexa. 

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