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Home & Business Suites

Published: April 30, 2019
Location: Torreon - Mexico
Home & Business Suites
Home & Business Suites

Project Information

Hotel Home & Business Suites - Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico.

180 tons of HVAC

Lennox VRF heat recovery system, including: 

- 18 outdoor units 

- 106 Indoor units (fan coils) 

- 12 heat recovery boxes


The Lennox Advantage

Flexibility and design combined with silent operation and optimum temperature and comfort for guests. Service, support and brand awareness.


The Challenge

Finding a HVAC solution with modern design that would allow personalized guest comfort: heating and cooling at the same time, for each one of the rooms.


Why Lennox

The distributor and contractor have had a successful working relationship for a while. This positive relationship joined with Lennox VRF flexibility, low noise requirements, and speed in changing temperature were key in selecting Lennox.



The Home & Business Suites is a 5-Star hotel in the city of Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico. The hotel has 106 rooms distributed on six floors of the building. Phase one of the hotel opened in February 2019 and will eventually be part of a larger commercial building.



The main requirement was for every guest to enjoy personalized cooling and heating comfort. Each one of the more than 100 rooms needed the capacity to adjust temperature according to individual preferences. At the same time we needed to meet the energy cost of other HVAC solutions. Low noise level was also a requirement in order to provide guests with an optimal air comfort experience during their stay.



The Lennox VRF system with heat recovery was chosen because of technology that allows heating and cooling simultaneously and efficiently while transferring and reusing heat from places that need cooling to places where heating is needed. Additionally, variable refrigerant flow technology automatically regulates the refrigerant temperature relative to the load to achieve optimal comfort for guests and significantly increase energy efficiency vs. other traditional solutions.

This VRF solution with heat recovery is ideal for hotels in regions with seasonality, because it allows guests to control their own comfort. Other HVAC systems, such as chillers, do not provide this flexibility.

Manuel Rami­rez, Engineer and contractor at Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Solutions, explains that the VRF chosen also offers additional benefits, such as the speed to reach the selected temperature, as well as meeting the requirements of having a silent operation for a comfortable experience for the guests. The entire VRF solution was installed in July , 2018 and the project was finished in December, 2018. This solution includes 106 fan coil units of 24,000 BTU, one for each room, 18 outdoor units, 3 per floor, and 12 heat recovery boxes.



The VRF Solution with heat recovery, acquired through the Lennox distributor Refrigeración Lozano, has met and exceeded all expectations requested by the customer, "The Lennox VRF Heat Recovery solution has great performance and works excellent", said Angel Armendariz Reyes, Maintenance Manager at the Home & Business Hotel in Torreon when referring to the equipment installed. Angel also highlighted that they are impressed by the low noise level and the speed to reach the optimum temperature.

In addition, the hotel has already reported energy savings compared to the system that was previously tested. The management team is planning to offer the same system at a shopping mall due to the satisfaction of the system installed. "The customer is very satisfied. All expectations were met and have exceeded our expectations." said Manuel Rami­rez, Air Conditioning and Refrigereation Solution Engineer.

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