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Disco Fresh Market

Published: August 31, 2016
Location: Montevideo - Uruguay
Disco Fresh Market
Disco Fresh Market

Project Information

Disco Fresh Market. Punta Carretas, Montevideo, Uruguay.


220 Tons of HVAC

11 Landmark Lennox KHA240 Rooftop Units.


The Lennox Advantage

Customized solution encompassing a 50Hz heat pump and ancillary equipment specific to the Uruguay market, efficient installation, and Brand awareness in the country. 

The Challenge
The HVAC system for Disco Fresh Market was designed during the early stages of the project, based on the architectural plan created by Guerra Arquitectos Asociados. The engineering firm of Eduardo Di Fabio designed the installation of the HVAC equipment, presenting a complete project that complies with complex technical requirements and considers the four climate seasons prevailing in this location. Customer comfort and preservation of food products in warm and cold weather conditions were key drivers in the adopted solution.

Why Lennox
Implementation of an all-season heating and cooling solution for a 40 thousand square foot flagship grocery store. Brand recognition, favorable experience by the engineering contractor and the client, already a Lennox customer, as well as the availability of a high-capacity and energy efficient 50Hz heat pump solution were relevant selection factors.

Disco Fresh Market is the most refined store format in the company's chain. It is designed to offer a unique customer experience when shopping for gourmet and specialty foods through store layout, decoration, and goods' placement. The $4.5 million outlet was constructed in 28 months and it is located in the Punta Carretas Shopping Center in Uruguay's capital.
Considering the need to condition a 40 thousand square-foot store for a wide range of external conditions, robustness and efficiency compliance is a decisive factor in equipment selection. A heat pump system, capable of offering cool air in the summer and heat in the winter, proved to be the best choice.

The Lennox Landmark Rooftop Unit KHA240 meets the requirements set in the installation design. This unit operates with a 50 Hz heat pump and satisfies the customer's demand for durability and environmental efficiency. This system ensures adequate temperature levels inside the store throughout the year.
With 22 years of experience, the firm MED Termomecánica Instalaciones, was entrusted with the integration of the HVAC systems, delivering the project on time, and following a well planned project schedule.
According to Eng. Gabriel García, from MED Termomecánica Instalaciones, the reliability and efficiency of the Lennox equipment enabled the successful completion of the installation and integration project.

The customer values the Lennox brand and wishes to standardize the installation of HVAC systems for its largest footprint stores using Lennox equipment, leveraging its positive experience.
It is also worth noting the support offered by Lennox as well as its reliability, demonstrated by the observance of equipment delivery deadlines, enabling the completion of the project on time.
"The Lennox KHA240 Landmark Line offers products driven by 50-Hz heat pumps, a must in the Uruguay market", said Eng. Gabriel Garcia, from MED Termomecánica Instalaciones.

Eleven Landmark KHA240 rooftop units were installed over a 40-thousand square-foot fresh food and specialty grocery store in Montevideo, Uruguay. The robust and efficient HVAC solution is designed to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the year. The success of this installation can be ascribed to the trust and confidence of the engineering firm in the Lennox brand, the dependability of the equipment delivery schedule, and the execution of the integration project by MED Termomecánica Instalaciones.