New Training Center

Published: November 21, 2019
New Training Center
New Training Center
LENNOX, the market leader manufacturer and supplier of HVAC systems, announces the opening of a new training center in Guatemala City. Located in zone 9 of this city, this training center is aimed at training on the operation of LENNOX air conditioning equipment, especially on Lennox VRF systems and their Variable Refrigerant Flow technology.
The center, created by our distributor Unirefri with the support of LENNOX, will teach different courses throughout the year, divided into modules and at no cost to participants. This training is aimed at installers, contractors and their technicians, end customers, purchasing personnel, engineering and maintenance of air conditioning systems, as well as anyone interested in learning and becoming more technical in these processes. All participants will receive a certificate of completion and approval.
The proposal includes theoretical sessions on the air conditioning cycle, as well as interaction with operating equipment for better learning. In this way, the students will learn to install, operate and perform adequate preventive and corrective maintenance of the brand equipment.
"For Lennox it is very important to participate in this Training Center since we trust the experience and commitment of our strategic partner Unirefri to carry out with excellence the training and specialization program in air conditioning in the region. For our part, we will be providing the necessary technical support and support so that the participants can have the knowledge required to operate the Lennox solutions, "said Jorge Gaitán, Global Sales Manager at Lennox.
Jorge Robles, general manager of Unirefri, reiterated: "Our commitment is to provide our clients with reliable equipment, but beyond that, to provide them with specialized technical advice and continuous training; we are sure that with the Training Center we will comply our promise, offering free specialized training that will give new and better opportunities to the sector. "
The training center will initially be open to clients from Guatemala and El Salvador. Subsequently, it will open its doors throughout Central America. For those who want more information about their location, modules, registration date and participation can contact the phone +502 2215 4500 ext. 109 or email
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